Viewing Grant Proposal: Kent County Bioenergy Facility

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2/27/2023 11:26:57 AM
I support this project. The stated goal of the EIED grant program is to develop low carbon energy infrastructure, and the MI Healthy Climate Plan calls for Michigan to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, with a prioritization on actions that will provide the most rapid gains in GHG reductions. Additionally, many local governments here in Michigan have set even more ambitious goals that will help move our state to carbon neutrality in an equitable manner. But achieving these goals can be difficult for these local governments and other similar entities as they do not have the financial resources that are available to larger entities, such as large corporations that report profits in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Therefore, funds from this grant should go towards projects like this one. Through this project, Kent County will be able to significantly reduce their carbon emissions as through the diversion and repurposing of waste. While I do not support the further use of natural gas, we need something in place while we transition off and reduce the amount of material we consume. This is something greatly needed, and will also help others as a case study for what they can do to improve their own operations. This is perfectly in line with the stated goal of the EIED grant program, and thus should be considered for funding.
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